The Rainbow SDK is a library that aims to simplify the process for connecting and managing the file from different Cloud Services. Once this SDK is installed in your app, with few lines of code, your users will be able to connect to many different Cloud Services, and transfer files from one service to another. There is no restriction on the number of cloud services that your users can connect to nor on the number of files that they can transfer.

The Rainbow SDK is Free of charge if your mobile app is also free. But, if you make any money from your application (either with ads or with in-app purchase), then you need to buy a monthly or annually subscription. The cost is 5.0€ or 50.0€ respectively per application. We would never charge you per user or per API call. But, the cost for that subscription may increase in the future if we add more functionality.

Rainbow SDK version 1.0 supports the following Cloud Services:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • iDrive
  • MediaFire
  • OneDrive (both personal and business, you need to create a special app at azure’s site)
  • pCloud (only on Android)
  • SkyDrive (only if you still want to use the old SkyDrive)
  • ShareFile
  • SugarSync

and the following actions:

  • List items
  • Search for file(s) either by name or content
  • Rename a file
  • Create a new folder
  • Delete a file or folder
  • Upload a file

Note, that a user can upload a file from one folder to another folder on the same cloud account or between accounts. We are open to suggestions and we are looking forward to your feedback. Use the Forum to propose changes to the SDK.

Click on the “Account” button to view your account or to create a new account. At the account page you can also add an application and renew your subscription (if it is required).

Click on the Download Files to download a bundle with a demo application and the Framework. Feel free to copy that demo code into your code, but do not forget to register your app in our site before you publish it.